Voice Caddie T9 GPS Watch (VCADW-T9)

The T9 is the most advanced, ultra-premium smart golf GPS watch that VOICE CADDIE has ever made! The T9 comes equipped with a color touchscreen, gives yardages to the green front/center/back, and offers advanced features such as Active Green (improves accuracy), V-Algorithm (slope calculation), green undulation (indicated with heat map and arrows show break direction), smart green (touch pin-placement), course views (yardages to hazards and bunkers).
  • V-Algorithm 3.0 (Automatic Slope Calculation)
  • Practice Tempo Mode
  • Shot and Putt tracking
  • Green Undulation data (Indicate with map)
  • Course Layout View (Yardages to hazard & bunkers)
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Customizable Pin Placement
  • Course & Green Zoom (2nd level)
  • Putt View - arrow show break direction
  • Completely Fee Free

 Blank Price

1-49 $479.99
50-99 $455.00
100+ $430.00

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